Upful 5-min Platform Demo

Upful's Lean Performance Review Platform

Upful's platform has the proprietary coaching software build into feedback writing page. The platform facilitates 360-micro-feedback, as often as needed.

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Platform Features

Continuous / Real-time

Get feedback as soon as you want or need it, while it's still fresh on everyone's mind. Reduces recency bias.


Get feedback from colleagues, stakeholders, and clients. Employees can get a more balanced view of how they're doing and how they can grow.

Track Milestones & Accomplishments

Employees can keep track of their work progress, milestones, and accomplishments. This can be used later for putting together a formal annual review.

Lean & Specific

We only facilitate feedback - no ratings from 1-5, where no one understands the difference between a 3 and a 4. Feedback is tied to specific work items, so it's more specific and helpful.

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